Apr 5, 2020

April 1, 2020

This is a time of reckoning and reset.The tipping point that shifted this into an evolutionary outcome for humanity has been a level of work going on for a long time, by a great many people from many different perspectives.That tipping point is passed and without a doubt, we are in a moment of evolutionary history which is lifting consciousness to a higher vibration.Every soul on earth now has a part to play in the what next and the biggest part of that, in the beginning, is being able to take full responsibility for what is.This is not always comfortable but comfort has never been a motivating force for evolution.The hard truth we all need to face is that people have died and terrible things have been going on every day, for far too long.Most of us, as long as we weren’t inconvenienced, have been part of that and played our part in its continuation.Wisdom has been called forth and like the green shoots bursting through the burnt wasteland of Australia it is here to show us the eternal, benevolent nature that is at our heel, urging us to thrive and explaining how.

Universal law decrees that at every quantum transformation, a higher, more evolved, more complex system emerges.Every part then cooperates for the good of its whole, ensuring its best reward.The better it gets, the better it gets is part of a very real equation. To do this effectively, the simplest and hardest thing you can do is to move away from fear.This is the real virus that has a grip our terrified imaginations. As people consider submitting to the erosion of all we hold dear, our plea bargains from that fear become the crumbs the monster uses to follow us to our door and the key with which it lets himself in.Getting a grip on this is actually the one and only thing any of us can really control and the only thing we need to control. Without fear, we can create from Love which is the energetic frequency of universal will.Indeed it is a birthright gift but in this latest consensus of reality, this has not been a teaching offered to anyone but those willing to go and hunt for it who are now bringing it home.This is just my bit of that.

It is no coincidence it is Spring time.

You may well feel you have no time for the miraculous at the moment.I understand that you are busy thinking your way out of this crisis, or your personal life, or your addictions or your despair, or working out the what next step.I am here to tell you that if you make way for the miraculous, everything else you imagine is eating up your time will fall into place.Truth be told, how often in life has worry ever been a way out, and how often is the Plan B from our greatestimagining, even close to the paradigm shifting event that eventually did cause us to make a change?There is a lot of evidence, incredibly ancient and from the most modern scientific discovery, that is explaining that what is seen as a chain of unconnected events is actually far greater and more mysterious than we’ve commonly known.

So many people are waking up to the same truths, the loneliness of the long distant conspiracy believer, has finally come to an end. Beyond my healthy scepticism about everything, I will follow the rules until they become blindingly obvious in their stupidity and then I will either take a stand, or give up my soul.In the interim, I wait with anticipation for the many brilliant, honest minds who are working on the dots that are not joining together and I place a deep trust that wisdom will prevail as so much becomes exposed which then becomes the truth that will set us free. I don’t need to worry any more about what the blue haze is that is always in the distance, or the impact of 5g on my life and liberty, or how easy we are to program if we’re not awake to the fact that the very lazy brain relies almost exclusively on a sophisticated game of snap to inform us of our reality.I don’t need to because it is known and the ears of enough of the deaf are unstopped. The rest of mind will follow suit.This is how consciousness works and with the greatest respect, it is not whether you believe this or not, it is whether you know this yet or not.

I just want to clear up the god slot of my internal filing system.In the moment before I wasn’t, I was a staunch atheist.I still don’t believe in the god most people don’t believe in and I only urge you to not be put off by my semantics.Rather than an anything set out in mainstream religion, my personal relationship with my creator is immersed and informed by the mysticism of a smorgasbord of theology and from an undeniable direct experience, on more than one occasion.My comprehension explains a verb rather than a noun and shows anyone, who wants to look, that there is a spiritual technology to access the extraordinary flow that is our birthright. I trust this beyond all else and people who get in its slipstream, trust it too and knowing of it, the only thing to do with it, is share it.

As the program of the dododo is interrupted, the isolation and stillness acts on many like an explosion in the middle of every coping mechanism they have ever used to escape themselves.Solitude and isolation can create an alchemy whereby every fragile compromise that’s been made will be exposed.Following the Hermetic principles I live my life by ‘as within, as without’, for this broken, unjust and criminal system to leave, it is imperative to allow any previous identities belonging to this system to leave as well and this demands a brutal self reflection that can only happen with time and in silence.Two things we all suddenly have in abundance.

The saviour complex we have all been conditioned into is leading many to latch on to an already deeply discredited political system whilst listening to an utterly, untrustworthy media.This was apparent to even the most politically convinced mind, just a few months ago through the blazing failure in the handling of Brexit.We have become so conditioned to give away our responsibility for ourselves that we have lost all trust in our bodies inherent healing abilities and nature’s very sensible design and abundant and generous help. We have been so poorly led that we have ended up ignoring everything that is truly important.The thought form of ‘ask and it is given’ which is repeated in all wisdom traditions, explains how none of this is personal and yet, every single bit of it, is about us.Unpacking this very simple, but very complex truth is at the root of a spiritual technology that bears fruit anywhere it can get a purchase.

A moment in time.

Early in March I was waiting in my car for somebody at Frome hospital.As I sat there an enormously overweight couple came out of the automatic doors and walked towards me.The man was so large he had to lean back to balance himself from being toppled over by his own his stomach.He was holding a can of fizzy sugar filled product in one hand and in the other he had a carrier bag, full of pharmaceutical drugs.His wife had the same and they were sharing a bag of donuts.As they drew closer to where I was the man turned to the woman and said very clearly,

‘I hope I didn’t pick up anything in there that is going to fucking kill me”

I looked at him, expecting to see a twinkle of humour at the irony of what he was saying but instead saw a deadly and terrified earnest concern, as he stuffed the rest of the donut in this mouth.

At the risk of being repetitive the Coronavirus is inert.It is not a hunter, it is an opportunist.Incredibly highly evolved it nevertheless has to wait until it finds a weakness before it can do its thing.It then turns into the disease of Covid-19.Numbers of people who have the Coronavirus and the numbers of people who have died of the disease are very different numbers and those reporting on the numbers are not interested in quelling panic.Remember this.However, the need of the hour is for a strong immune system.As within as without, it is also a clarion call for us all to start taking responsibility for ourselves, and our neighbour.Not from fear, but from Love.Your internal army is fighting these extraordinary creations all the time and they can only win, when you are weak.This is vital to remember and within the limitations of Now, this is also something you can do something about.Again, it is the only thing you can do something about.Waking up with the realisation you may die today, or catch something today that may kill you, or you may bump into the person who is going to kill you, is not usually in the forefront of mind.However, it is a reality we face very single moment we are alive.Nobody gets out alive.Allow this time to bring into focus the question of how deeply you have been valuing yourself and your life before this.

An important thing to remember is that the drive to escape suffering always brings you full circle to meet it.The most fearful people will indeed make themselves more available for the worst case scenario because the fear itself broadcasts a signal to a co-operative universe. Now is a good time to ask yourself how well you are looking after the planet of you, before we spend any time pointing fingers or even thinking about how badly the planet you am on is being looked after.Ask yourself, How well do I govern my life, choose well and wisely, love deeply and without fear? This is somethingeveryone of us can do and is a powerful way to come into an alignment with something you can do something about.

We have allowed ourselves to be blindly led to a point where the left hand doesn’t know what the right has to do with it, let alone what it is doing.The evidence of today is that we are so programmed we are now running scared from our own virology and there is absolutely no trust in the prevailing system, without or within, to deal with such a threat. This is the big girl pants moment of all that meditation. It’s easy to sit in a lotus position and feel calm in your special room with your incense and crystals when you’re world isn’t in pieces around your feet.It is mastery indeed to be balance and peace when all the evidence seems to be telling you to be very fearful indeed.In the eye of that storm, acknowledging my responsibility, as the I in all storms, I am here to serve, as both teacher and student at this extraordinary moment in humanity’s evolution.I have no idea what form that will take but writing this seems to be a beginning.

My daily prayer, meditation, mantra (whatever you’re comfortable with) from the house that has ‘Something Wonderful Will Happen’ engraved into its wall is this:

From the within of my address to the without of its community, its town, its county, its country and its part within the community of Earth, above her, below her, upon her and within her may there be more harmony, more cleanliness, more wholeness, more healing and more peace to the abundance and grace we already know.To ease all hearts out of any remaining fear frequency and into the gratitude and understanding that this is also a test for love's evolution and to meet it with as much authenticity, grace and love as is divinely possible. To ease the hearts of the residents from within this address to the without of all creation into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and growth and to protect them completely from any frequency that is not from Love.May this prayer bring healing to any areas that have yet to remember they are of Love and disperse any negative elements or thought forms from anyway along the ancestral lines in any direction that are not working from a core of Love.

Feel free to use this to create a cupola of love over your own sphere.

Til the next one……..

I wrote the following letter to a small group of close friends in 2014, six months after waking up quite suddenly whilst working on a painting.

I am sharing it here because 'in the beginning' seems like a good place to start.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My darling friends,

As this grows around us it is apparent that each one of us brings our own individual language from our own unique perspective. Each comes bearing their own gift, their own particular strength. Each has arrived via their own journey. The experience from this diversity is that which we return to the One that is, the One that has only ever been and the One that will only ever be.

It was the splitting off from this connection, from our connection to each other and ultimately from ourselves which has acted like a plague amongst us. This has eaten so deeply into the fabric of our world that our species is on the brink of extinction. The ebb and flow that is a fact in life is one thing, but not a thinking mind can look at where we are, right now, and imagine we are doing well and thriving. For a species that can think things through and imagine different outcomes, it seems like a dreadful waste of an enormous intelligence.

Evidence of mass awakening and remembering grows daily. That I am part of this remembering is an incredible honour, as are the gifts I have accumulated along the way that have become resources I can draw on to help me learn more, understand deeper and ultimately serve better.

That the indisputable journey we are all on together is at a crucial moment in our collective history, is apparent even to those who are still sleeping. A time of reckoning, a time of reevaluation. A time of despair for most and disenchantment for so many. They will be searching for relief from their pain and in so doing they will find us, and those like us and they will also be bought into the light. We are many, ‘as numerous as the stars in the sky’ (Genesis 15:5) and in the same way as the sparkling heavens can light the way on the darkest path we are set to enable others to navigate their own individual exodus into the promise that is our divine birthright.

My certainty of this universal plan and my knowledge and relief that we are walking together towards it knows that I am connected to the Source which is so much greater than I am. This is deeply reassuring for there is little in this experience that is recognisable in the persona I have spent the past 53 years living within and in the book I have written for myself so far, most of it sounds completely insane. But I know insanity and it never felt this good.

I wasn’t looking for any of this. AlI I did was move an inch sideways in my perception. At that moment everything that had been a problem stopped being a problem. Everything that was pain stopped being suffering. Everything I thought was, I found I wasn’t. Purpose became apparent. Every single strand of my life coalesced into billions of threads, hanging from the patchwork of the woman I had become - scarred and broken and utterly, utterly defeated. They twisted together and together and together until they were so twisted they turned the whole me inside out and upside down. In so doing these threads transformed into a cord of the most incredible, brilliant, intensity and that cord - to my utter astonishment, connects me to God.

The God that I have spent my life not believing in.

I can see now how I threw the baby out with the bathwater and that my issue with the Church and religion per se had severed me from this incredible relationship. I am not alone in being this alone and I am not looking to lay blame but move on, into a new paradigm whereby the failures of the past can be put down to the fact that we didn’t know any better, and those who did lied to keep us meek and enslaved.

I believe and interpret my experience as an evolution in spiritual thought and it has changed me into something that has yet to be defined. Indeed, maybe definition is impossible and should not be an aspiration because within the defining, other is instantly created. My belief and understanding is there is no other when all is One. The only One, until It wanted to feel other than Itself, and created Us. This vital, extraordinary direct experience from that night in my studio, is backed up by the leading edge of science, and is what propelled me - in less than 8 months, to this.

I have no devotional rhythm to show for my 53 years. It is utterly new yet, at the same time, ancient and fits like well worn boots. When this all began I tried calling it Source, and found myself directing my thoughts to the Universal Mind. I wanted to call it anything but God. Ultimately my challenge was to use my gift to call a spade a spade and if that spelt God, then so be it. That I have a mission is undeniable, If any part of that mission is with any existing Religion it would be to try and get those who are comfortable and well versed in the musings of God, to step up to the plate and help as this new dawn starts to light up the horizon. To do that religious teaching must be willing to evolve and admit that much of what has passed as truth was not the whole story but adaptations to suit, often political edicts. I believe this new chapter is a return to ancient understandings. Understandings that always have been and always will be our divine and direct relationship to God but which were stolen and hidden and ultimately, to most, forgotten.

My prejudices with religious dogma are substantiated by the rivers of blood still flowing and the historical record of corruption, greed, censorship and murder is so well documented, there is nothing that can be said or done that could excuse this to me nor make me wish to align to church, synagogue, mosque or temple. What I feel in my heart with such clarity is undeniable truth and this tells me everything I need to know. There can be no tug of war over God and whilst the actual definition of God may change and shape shift for different tribes around the world this is only in celebration of our different mind sets. That this became so fragile a faith that dispute emerged could only have been because we knew no better and were not led by wisdom. That time is now over.

What happens next is pivotal, all life as we know it hangs in the balance, precariously waiting to see what price it will pay for the hubris of the past few thousand years. For the sake of humanity somebody, or somebodies need to take the first step. Maybe this is the time the Church of England will seize the opportunity to apologise and avenge its appalling history of conversion and destruction of other faiths and remember its place to serve. To lead as it promised, not as it became designed and to wake up to the God Message of Now in a cohesive, led from the very top way. There needs to be an honest adaptation into a brave new world of thought. Now That would be a powerful meditation

Somebody had to live through it and I believe it is here and it is us. This is a time of profound change and the basic human instincts of compassion, connectivity and cooperation will be seen as a new truth substantiated by evolved scientific fact. The man made construct of competitiveness, singularity and scarcity that have informed us shows us we were lied to by those invested, and trusted to be the most honest. I turn my energy away from that lie and align it to the truth that is my experience and the realisation that these lies have cut humanity off from the abundance, joy and love that I now understand is a Divine Right.

We are here to co-create with God but first we need to do some housework and return this mess into the Heaven that was promised. The only thing truly required is to accept and work with ourselves as the vibrational beings that we are, expand our sight to encompass that which we have been blind to and then turn our faces, as one, away from fear and look towards love. If we remove the energy we unwittingly give to that which does not serve us or our world, it will have no option but to evaporate. This is a law as indisputable as the law of gravity and the laws of nature and with time, will become as accepted as we accepted the world wasn’t flat nor lay at the centre of the universe. There can be no doubt that as the collective consciousness grows and unites in its brilliance it will blind and disarm the devil who was never more than our ignorant selfs, informed and led by ego that imagined itself as authoritative as God.

I have learnt that in all that appears before me that seems bad, there is an equal amount that is good and that the discernment is mine. This is the ultimate gift of free will. Apocalypse comes form the Greek work ‘apoklypsis’ which simple means ‘to disclose or reveal’. In the visions of John the Apostle in Revelations he asks his angelic guide of the terrible descriptions, ‘Why?’. The Angel replies ‘Man has created these powers of destruction. He has wrought them from his own mind.’ On being questioned on the possibility of hope the angel responds ‘There is always hope, O thou for whom heaven and earth were created...’

As I woke up to all of this, I saw myself as the muscle and sinew of a horse, flowing through it and amongst it alongside many many others. All this being was light and as the horse was created and filled, it grew and grew until, when it could contain no more, it created itself again - like a fractal. Twice more this happened until four enormous white horses became solid in my mind’s eye and as I turned to the horizon and saw the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as depicted in the Bible, they were no more than the size of a child’s toy and of no consequence.

It is for us to decide how we experience what is. We have immense tools, the greatest of which is already within each of us. Marry that with our connectivity and the expansive power which is heart and we are invincible against the darkness whose very essence is flooded, always, by the light.

And so it begins....

Huge love.