Concessions available on all sessions, but not on the residential retreat weekend.


A session lasts approximately 2-3 hours [Cost] £50.00/hour


Two Individual sessions as above, plus a joint session [Cost] £150


Residential retreat weekend. Cost £460
(Superhost status on Aribnb).
(includes bed and breakfast @ £68/night )
Individual or couple.

The retreat is bespoke and as individual as those coming for it, It may be time to rest and relax and little is required in the process or it may be full on. It will always be allowed to grow organically, depending on the requirements of the guest(s) at that time.

A very rough guide:

Arrival Friday evening to unwind and relax. Dinner is not included, but there are some wonderful pubs and restaurants within walking distance. For guests who don’t want to go out, there is a well stocked kitchen for cooking or takeaway food.

Saturday includes a generous breakfast and a walk in some of the most lovely natural areas. We take a short drive outside of Frome, ideally just [shortly] after sunrise, to welcome in the new day. Process is going on throughout the day through conversation, stillness, music, art and whatever else seems to right at the time. A light lunch is offered. Dinner is not included and the evening is a time to rest.

Sunday starts the same as Saturday, with the option of lie in, but being sure to leave room for whatever is required. Alternatively, a quiet and relaxing time to nurture the spirit and get ready for a leisurely packing up and leaving during the early afternoon.

There is no TV, and guests will be asked to turn off their phones, if possible. There is a private sitting room enabling guests to relax on their own.