Please don't feel the need to understand anything that follows. All that is required is your willingness to wonder if it could be different than you have always thought and your courage to trust the nudge that led you here.

Process defies definition as it remains ever fluid on a multi dimensional level. Partly I use a finely tuned intuition (clairsentience) which enables me to see the judders which appear in a person’s energetic field. These clearly inform me where a splinter is waiting to be removed. Usually these splinters are locked in during the developmental years, where once they served as a defence mechanism to fear. Formed in ignorance, these blocks become rigid and domineering in the subconscious, and we often cannot see them for looking. This work is supported by a fusion of leading edge scientific discoveries, particularly in the field of neuroscience, ancient universal laws and perennial spiritual wisdom.

Uncompromising but infinitely gentle, Process searches for incongruent resonances in order to bring these blocks to the surface, creating a gap in the old, negative thought forms. Even a tiny gap, no bigger than a mustard seed, is enough to make room for light to shine and for new beliefs to be created from wisdom rather than fear. This in turn, coupled with determination on behalf of the seeker, leads to a reprogramming of the subconscious and the setting of a new emotional default.

Every session is both personal and universal, and is run from the anchored and compassionate perspective of non judgement, non duality and unconditional love. Whilst Process honours the story of you, it does not concentrate on the victim aspect of the self as has much therapy of the past nor does it create a dependency which requires many repeat sessions. The seeker is discouraged from repetitively throwing more energy into the fire of their grievance but a new perspective of self-realisation and self responsibility is engaged. Once the potential is realised, we become warriors in our own recovery, vigilant and proactively shifting reality one thought at a time. As change occurs, everything around changes and the better it gets, the better it gets.

The conscious brain picks out reality but with the finesse of a game of snap, flowing the familiar towards itself so it can land easily on the shores of the Always Has Been. This is part of the way we create what we call reality, whilst mistakenly believing that reality is creating us. If we make our decisions blind (unmindfully) we decide based on conditioning. Our choices then build into a self-generating momentum that takes us over, whilst we sit wondering innocently why we keep attracting the same problems. This fraudulent image that we mistake for ourselves causes a numbness that disconnects us from the joy that is life’s birthright. Learning to think consciously enables us to take control of the experience and alleviates the suffering within it.

The opposite of being a victim is not survivor but a conscious creator. You will learn how you are responsible for the reflections you see in your world. Whilst the belief remains that there is an outside world that cannot be controlled, you remain in the victim programme which is akin to shouting at at your own reflection to stop shouting, then wondering why it doesn’t.

To begin with all you need to wonder is who is the self who listens to the chatter? Who is the self listening to the words you are reading here? To just ask this question and hear the answer I AM, is to let the light touch a seed deep within you from which, mighty forests are waiting to grow.